Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bridal Bracelets & Bangles ● Chunky, Stacked, Sparkly or Vintage?

Our client demand for bridal bangles/bracelets this 2010 wedding season has increased tremendously. The most sought after bangles are complimented by soft metallics, while our bracelets are geared towards heirloom trinkets consisting of Marcasite or Swarovski Crystals. Whether fancy or costume, nothing can add "pop" to your bridal attire like statement jewelry.  Remember, wedding jewelry can be anything you want it to be and we encourage our clients to mix and match their own jewelry in an effort to remain true to their personal style.
Question :: Would you consider showing off chunky bangles or your favorite sparkly stacked bracelets to compliment your bridal attire?
If bangles/bracelets are your thing, allow them to take the lead and let your other accessories play the supporting role.  Less is always more and you do not always need diamonds to dazzle them Darlin'. 

{Photos compliments of Ellie Glover and Ryan Rish}

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