Friday, September 25, 2009

Which Recessionista Bryde Are You?

The Conscious Bryde
  • Will have her invitations printed on recycled paper.
  • Provides guests information about the pre and post wedding festivities via the couple’s wedding website.
  • Minimize the amount of driving her guests will need to do, and have the wedding at an accessible venue.
  • Donate leftover food rather than discard.
  • Will not register for items not needed.
  • Very concerned about her budget and her true priorities after her special day.
The Budget Bryde
  • A master negotiator and very resourceful.
  • Spends a considerable amount of time online researching and securing wedding-related deals.
  • Creates her own bouquets with roses purchased at Costco and secured her ribbon and pins from a local dollar store.
  • Secured her fab wedding peep-toe pumps from Cutesy Shoes
  • Bartered with many of her professional friends for makeup, hair services and other wedding-related services.
  • Will utilize the 40% coupons provided by Michaels Craft.
  • Will opt to use candles, gems and other embellishments for centerpieces, in lieu of fresh flowers and other costly factors.
The DIY Bryde
  • Extremely creative.
  • Thoroughly enjoys planning her special day.
  • Has multiple glue guns, tons of glitter and bridal DIY magazines/literature.
  • Solicits assistance from her bridal party and/or close friends for bonding projects.
  • Very organized and knows what she wants in an effort to conserve funds.
  • Has a very limited budget, but makes it work!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Recessionista Brydes Money Saving Tip # 3 - Have A Cocktail Reception

If your wedding budget does not allow for you to have a traditional reception with a sit down dinner, why not opt for something more savvy and practical such as a cocktail reception.  Cocktail receptions differ from traditional receptions tremendously, however, they are still super chic and your guests will love the uniqueness of your special event.  It is extremely important to notify guests with children that your cocktail reception is for adults only, so that they are able to make the necessary arrangements.  Many of our clients state at the bottom of their invitations "Regrettably No Children."
Cocktail receptions promotes mingling, unlike a traditional reception where the guests are provided assigned seating and usually interact with other guests during the dancing portion of the reception.
By securing high cocktail tables and adorning them with fancy linens and practical centerpieces, you will save substantially.  Your cocktail reception can provide a lounge-type atmosphere due to the fact that you are able to secure an intimate venue and rent fewer tables and chairs.  Your DJ can spin your favorite tunes, while your guests enjoy dancing, nibbling and mingling.

You can have your cake and eat it too, as well as a signature sugar rush station available for guests to pick up goodies at their leisure.  Candy and dessert buffets are created to leave a lasting impression that will be forever remembered by your guests.  The ultimate favor or additional dessert that will send your guests soaring into sweet tooth heaven.
Generally, cocktail wedding receptions begin as early as 4PM but no later than 6PM. Hors d’oeuvres are passed by tray, served buffet-style, or some combination of both.  Typically, the cocktail reception concludes by 7:30PM, and the cost depends primarily on the selection of alcoholic beverages and Hors d’oeuvres served, but generally ranges between $20 to $45 a person.

Have a swanky time!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Recessionista Brydes Money Saving Tip # 2 - Practical Wedding Centerpieces

Your wedding centerpieces are the focal point of your guest tables and they set the tone for your reception.  We absolutely love unique centerpieces that incorporates an element of sophistication and simple elegance!  Since there will be other items on the tables for your guests, it is wise to decide on centerpieces that stand out and will not obstruct their view. Many of the avant-garde centerpieces depicted in the bridal magazines range from $150 to $500 each depending on the exotic florals, the expensive Bling, fancy vases and the unique floral designs.  No fret, we are here to inform you that you can still have chic centerpieces for a fraction of the cost by channeling your inner Martha Stewart.
Please note that flowers do not have to be in abundance to be beautiful and there are several flowers you can use one stem per table or five stems at the most for long banquets.  For example, Birds of Paradise, Calla Lilies, Tulips and Anthuriums are especially great for the elegant, minimalist appeal.  You can use clear jars or tall glasses to hold these blooms and surround them with a few accents, such as complimenting water beads, textured pebbles and loose flower petals.
Try one of these practical ideas to create chic centerpieces that compliment your wedding theme and budget:
Select textured and/or colorful linens that will provide a"wow" factor.  By doing so, simple floral or non-floral centerpieces would be highly appropriate.
Purchase your florals in bulk from an online distributor such as Fifty Flowers or Bloom By The Box.

Create edible centerpieces by placing melon balls, apples, grapes, cherry tomatoes and strawberries on skewers of different heights.  Arrange them in a vase for guests to enjoy throughout the evening or contact your local Edible Arrangements for additional fab ideas!
Fill various vases with water and float gorgeous orchids.  Complimenting candles or submersible LED lights will provide a light shimmer across the water.
Center your table with non-scented pillar candle, surrounded by votives and flower petals. This idea is truly timeless and adds a definite romantic feeling.
Use your bouquets and ceremony flowers as centerpieces for several tables.
Consider potted plants and inform your guests that they are free to take them at the conclusion of the reception.
Be unconventional by using unique picture frames with your favorite photos reflecting memorable moments.
Vintage wine bottles or champagne bottles can also be used as vases.  If you or someone in the family or a friend has a collection of wine bottles, these can make unique accents to some of the tables.
Ultimately, the goal is to have fun, be original, and use your imagination to create the perfect eye candy for your special occasion.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Recessionista Brydes Money Saving Tip #1 - The Perfect Wedding Dress

Explore any bridal magazine at your local bookstore and you will become overwhelmed with all the images of gorgeous couture gowns fit for an A Lister.  The reality for most Savvy Brydes is that these particular gowns are not within their budget and many will resist the temptation to overspend (we hope).  Finding the perfect wedding dress is of uber importance but the goal is to set a realistic wedding dress budget.  Before even deciding on a dress, look at your wedding budget, and set aside 10% for your dress and accessories.

Yes, I know many Savvy Brydes would love to strut around in Oscar De La Renta, but the bigger picture is building financial wealth with your spouse after your wedding.  It is very important not to equate your worth with the price tag on your dress.

 Here are a few Savvy tips for finding the perfect wedding dress and attire:
  • Purchase an off-season dress from a sample sale
  • Visit The Remix Vintage Fashion Shop in Washington, DC
  • Purchase a pre-owned dress - which surprisingly is becoming very popular.  The following websites are great resources: Ebay, Craigslist, Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses, and Sell Your Wedding Dress
  • Shop around and do not be afraid to travel outside of your hometown to find the perfect dress and visit Blueberries Bridal or Garnish Boutique
  • Consider hiring a seamstress to make your dream dress
  • Avoid wedding gowns that require substantial alterations
  • Purchase from a Bridal Chain Store, such as Davids Bridal
  • Consider wearing a bridesmaid dress that has a bridal glam vibe 

  • Research online bridal stores such as: J Crew, Alfred Angelo, Mon Cheri and Mori Lee
     Find your true inspiration by selecting a wedding dress that speaks to your personality and wallet. 

    Happy Shopping!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Savvy Budget Tips For The Recessionista Bryde

This week we will be featuring money saving tips for our Recessionista Brydes who are interested in having a fabulous wedding, without sacrificing the style of their dream wedding.  It's important to remain conscience of your overall wedding budget and remember that "less" is more.

With all of the reality wedding shows that feature these "over the top" weddings, it is very easy to become influenced.  Since finances can be one of the most sensitive topics in a marriage, why not have a realistic wedding, save money and be in a better position financially after being married.  The term “budget wedding” does not require giving up what you really envision for your special day, but it does entail determining your priorities.

In 2008, the average cost of a wedding fell by 24% from $28,704 in 2007 to $21,814 in 2008.

Stay tuned for Tuesday's wedding dress money saving tips!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trash The Dress - Fabulousity Has Never Looked So Haute!

Trash the Dress is a unique interpretation of wedding photography where elegant clothing is introduced to a surreal environment and outstanding memories are created.  It is generally shot in the style of fashion and glamour photography, which we absolutely adore at Savvy Soirées!  The Trash the Dress session combines the elements of shock and provides a serious "wow factor."  Wedding photography has truly evolved to a new level and brides can choose to risk one of their most treasured possessions to gain the opportunity to create the most magnificent photographs. 
Feast your eyes on the Hautness!
Featuring our very own Los Cabos Bryde
So what are you waiting for, are you up for the challenge?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Well Groomed & Refined - The Perfect Suit

Many wedding magazines and bridal shows usually focus on the bride's attire; however, today we are going to acknowledge our Savvy Grooms.  After all, an uncomfortable man in an ill-fitting ensemble with improper accessories doesn't make for memorable photos.  Your  suit doesn't have to make you look like a penguin anymore, because there are new designers and looks which exude effortless style on the big day.  A sleek two or three-piece suit with a standout tie will definitely enhance your look.
Kenneth Cole
Sean Jean
Kenneth Cole
Calvin Klein
 The goal is to put your best foot forward and compliment the Savvy's Bryde's wedding attire by looking your best on the greatest day of your life.  Select a suit that you can wear again by mixing key accessories from your pre-existing wardrobe, which will ultimately create a fresh look for work and other social events.
The three key points for every groom to consider when selecting their wedding suit:

 Be cognizant of your body type, remain comfortable and keep it suave and tasteful.
If further assistance is required with selecting the perfect suit, we would love to assist!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Vintage Inspired Wedding Cakes

We love all things vintage at Savvy Soirées!

These fabulous cakes compliment the Modage Bryde that strives to incorporate those vintage and modern elements into her special day.  Create a timeless focal point by adding a family heirloom brooch/pearls, an antique cake topper, dainty flowers or satin ribbon for that personal touch.
Classic elegance is so divine and will heighten the sophistication of your wedding cake and showcase your creativity.  We absolutely love these vintage inspired cakes, which is your favorite?

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