Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wedding Wednesday ● Fabulous Flats For Wedding Planners

The Planner's Shoe Creed

Repeat after me . . .
I (say your name), will no longer wear unflattering, dull, black shoes while executing my special events.
Yes, I do understand that my look must be polished, but that doesn't mean I need to look funeral drab.
As of today, I will incorporate color and character into my overall look and will encourage my staff to do the very same.
We are fun people by nature and our clothing should reflect this at all times.
Since shoes are undeniably an integral part of my attire and a true reflection of my personality/mood, I must let it shine!

See, that was painless, right?  As an event planner, I personally believe that flats should have a place in our pre-existing wardrobe, especially on the day of a wedding or special event {since standing for extended periods of time is inevitable}.  Flats are available now in every style, color and print - so promise you'll be daring in 2011.  Yes, we know that flats aren't as fab as heels; however, they are not an option for myself or staff when it's time to produce magic on our client's special day.  We typically opt for flats that are rich in colors/textures, made of lush materials, have comfy soles and support our arches. 

Styling Tip:
Consider pairing tailored wide-legged pants with pointed-toe flats or pairing a skirt/dress with textured tights {no fishnet ladies while on the clock} with round-toe flats for a über stylish look.  To add a bit of variety to those black ballet flats that you simply won't divorce, incorporate unique shoe clips to revamp your look for the day.  In sum, we must all give our "paws"a break, so investing in a pair of comfortable flats is mandatory.  As the saying goes, "look cute now, pay for it later."

Check out our inspiration below:

Quality stylish flats represent a combination of trendiness with assured comfort.


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