Thursday, July 8, 2010

To Tip Or Not To Tip ● The Savvy Seamstress

One of the most overlooked service providers who works just as hard as the wedding planner is the seamstress.  More often than not, if alteration services are provided at the bridal salon in which the Savvy Bryde purchases her gown, very little of the alteration proceeds actually goes to the person responsible for making the dream gown fit like a glove.

Ideal Seamstress Tip:
Minimal alterations require a tip of about $50, as the more time consuming alterations consisting of shortening a vintage lace veil, installing a bodice/brassiere or altering the neckline for a more flattering appeal {especially if the gown was purchased several sizes too big}.  In addition, much time is also spent attending to the Bridal Party and the Mother's of the Bride and/or Groom as their dresses often require alterations as well.  The average tip for the fabulous seamstress ranges from $50 - $300.

As a rule of thumb, your tip should reflect the services provided, rather than the cost of the dream gown.  Don't forget to show all of your service providers some love. 

{photos compliment of Sedona Bride & Rock My Wedding}

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