Friday, September 2, 2011

Beauty Event ● Danielle Lewis Beauty Lip Lustre Launch

Lip gloss was definitely poppin' last night. . . . 

I had the pleasure of celebrating with Danielle Lewis {Danielle Lewis Beauty} last night to commemorate the launch of her new Lustre Lip Gloss line.  Danielle specializes in bridal, runway, editorial and fashion makeup and is the epitome of a professional.  The event was hosted at Topaz Boutique in Baltimore, Maryland {which by the way, sells cute shoes and handbags}.  

Upon arrival, I was immediately introduced to the signature cocktail coined “Smooch.”  I loved it and had two {don’t judge me}.  The ambiance was very nice and John Legend crooned in the background as we glossed up our lips and decided which colors we admired the most.  I’m already in love with the collection because it does not feel like thick sticky glue and it survived my first sip of tea this morning.

Prior to my camera battery retiring for the evening, I was able to snap a few photos.

There are 12 Lip Lustre Colors -  Kendell (Fiery Orange Red); Krystal (Ultra Shiny Crystal Clear); Logan (Baby Pink with Golden Shimmer); Sydney (Peach Nude with Golden Shimmer); Robin (Golden Brown with Golden Shimmer); Exposed (Soft Beige Pink); Melrose (Lilac Pearl); Marley (Bright Pink Shimmer); Charlie (Golden Peach Pink); Drew (Deep Berry Wine); Harper (Deep Blue Plum) and SuperGorge (Magenta Shimmer)

The "Smooch" signature cocktail was delish - Danielle needs to bottle it up and sell it wholesale!
My two fave Fall colors Harper (l) + Charlie (r)
I am all smiles with the Lady of The Evening Ms. Danielle (left).

I love how I'm meeting more empowered, motivated and accomplished female entrepreneurs - Who Runs The World?!  

Want to know more about Danielle Lewis Beauty Lip Lustre, contact her today!


  1. Looking lovely, ladies! :) I was looking forward to attending last weekend and am sorry I had to miss it last night. Still, I'm so excited for Danielle and think the new line looks incredible!