Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday's Featured Gown ● Vera Wang {Spring 2012 Bridal Collection}

In early Spring, I featured this pale pink strapless mermaid gown after seeing it at New York Bridal Market.  Clearly, it was love at first sight and I had to feature it again, since it is my source of inspiration today.  The pleated chiffon bodice, tissue organza blossom peplum with draped petal technique detailing and grosgrain multi-bow sash made me love it and and I still adore it today.  This gown has character, volume and is simply freaking stunning!

There are only a few things that make my heart skip a beat and this gorgeous gown by Vera Wang does it every time.  Isn't she lovely?


  1. Wow -- that a gorgeous gown! My pocketbook and I loved my Alfred Angelo mermaid gown, but this one is simply stunning. :)

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