Thursday, June 21, 2012

My 2012 Summer Fun Bucket List

As a follow up to my earlier blog post this week {here}, I've compiled a list of random things I would love to do this Summer.  They are all pretty attainable, so I am looking forward to enjoying the next few weeks of "living in the moment."

  1. Attend an African dance class
  2. Be more spontaneous
  3. Catch fireflies at night and then release them
  4. Continue learning French
  5. Create a family recipe
  6. Create a few Fashion D.I.Y. pieces with friends {join us click here}
  7. Create a “Live, Laugh, Love” scrapbook
  8. Discover new “Reds + Whites” {wine that is . . .}
  9. Divorce all electronics for a weekend {and Social Media}
  10. Fly a kite on the Mall
  11. Go on a nature hike with my Mom
  12. Journal and meditate in the evenings
  13. Jump double dutch
  14. Learn to swim
  15. Learn about another culture
  16. Lie on the grass watching the clouds float across the sky, without a care in the world
  17. Lodge at a quaint Bed and Breakfast on the Eastern Shore
  18. Make fresh squeezed lemonade and frozen margarita pops for the girls
  19. Make a fashion collage for my home office using high fashion bridal images
  20. Master eating with chopsticks
  21. Perfect by backhand swing and backhand slice {Tennis}
  22. PJs and movie night with my Love
  23. Play golf?  {Maybe} 
  24. Play dress up
  25. Randomly paint on canvas while listening to Jazz {Coltrane and Davis to be exact}
  26. Ride a bike in the City
  27. Sing karaoke in a seedy bar {smile}
  28. Spend more time with family and friends
  29. Take books to a children's hospital
  30. Teach my daughter how to set a fancy table setting
  31. Visit the Farmer’s Market and pick local fruit to make a salad
  32. View the fireworks from a rooftop
 Have you created your Summer Bucket List - if not, what's stopping you?  

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  1. Love your list! #17 is on my list too, but St. Michael's MD. Would love to be holed up for a weekend at The Inn at Perry Cabin. Beautiful place, gorgeous views.