Thursday, October 14, 2010

Components of a Feel Good Closet ● What's In Yours?

I just finished reading What To Wear For The Rest of Your Life - Ageless Secrets of Style by Kim Johnson Gross and it was a great "self-confidence" booster. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book in the evenings and was able to jot down a few key points that I plan to incorporate into my personal fashion chronicles.  For example, I admired how Ms. Johnson-Gross provided insight on how to navigate everyday fashion trials and tribulations by just staying true to yourself.  Further, she created a space within her closet where she could find solace for her special garments (i.e., comfy clothes, accessories and shoes) which enabled her to feel amazing at any given moment.  After reading this book, I've learned how to organize my closet more efficiently by having a mixture of comfort clothes, power clothes and clothes that make me feel pretty.   Getting dressed daily will become more inviting and easier as you begin to group your feel-good clothes together.  You will start wearing them more frequently - but in different ways. {Like remixing vintage with contemporary, or sporty with formal}.

You still may be wondering what's a "Feel Good Closet," - so we've outlined the key elements and discovered that you do not need a lot of stuff in your closet, just the right stuff.

Components Of A Feel Good Closet:

Your feel good closet is within your budget because you already own what you choose to put in it.
• Your feel good closet is flexible and assists with recognizing the common fashion elements which are color, style and the texture of the clothes that you enjoy wearing.
• Redefines your self-image and teaches you how to dress from the inside out.
• Your feel good closet is a sanctuary where you can turn a deaf-ear to the fashion police, your mother, children, husband or anyone else with an opinion - even if you value it.
• Your feel good closet is a source of confidence!

"When you are clothes-confident, you will feel more body-confident, which will help you feel more life-confident" - Kim Johnson Gross

Tell us - what's in your feel good closet?


  1. What a great blog! Thanks so much Lerkia for the wonderful review of What to Wear for the Rest of Your Life! What's in your feel-good closet?

  2. My Feel Good Closet consist of :: tons of yoga pants, pearls, vintage peep toes, fascinators and clutches (:

  3. My includes leopard prints (shoes, bags, sweaters), white jeans, black tops, bold rings and necklaces & fun scarves.

  4. This post was right on time!! I am in desperate NEED of a fashion/style make-over....this book just might be the thing I need for motivation and to find it!

    P.S. - you don't even want to know what's in my closet :( #fail