Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Haute Holidays - Fashionable Gift Idea{s} #5 ● The Stylish & Pampered Pooch

There is nothing more adorably chic than dressing your beloved trend setting pooch up in different outfits and accessories regularly.  Here are a few of our favorite unique and desirable gifts for your pampered companion. 

(1) Fancy Dog Dress Little Princess Red Velvet (2) Designer Pet Food /Water Bowl (3) Designer Pet Jewelry Simple 3 Rows Red Australian Crystals Jet Plate
(4) Christian Loubarkin Squeaky Dog Toy Shoe

(1) English Rugby Sweater with Plaid Scarf  (2) Keado Brown + Beige Collar
(3) I-Bone Dog Toy (4) Red Large Dog Bowl  (5) Bon Ton Bag Dispenser Black

The ultimate stylish gifts for the discerning pooch that has everything!

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