Thursday, December 2, 2010

Haute Holidays - Fashionable Gift Idea #2 ● Promoting Creative Expression

Dress Forms {whether fabric or metal} are the perfect holiday gift for fashion conscious teens or sewing enthusiasts {or both}.  Adorn your dress form with earrings, scarves, necklaces, concert stubs, family photos, buttons, vintage memorabilia and stunning brooches.  This timeless gift serves not only as a perfect sewing accessory piece in your home or office, but a functional accessory holder.

Fashion Challenge:  Continue to spark your fashion creativity monthly by displaying how versatile your clothing/accessories can be by including layered colors, unique baubles and vintage fabrics.  For the budding designer teen, encourage them to take photos to showcase their creative designs and assist them with creating an online portfolio to share with friends and family.  It is all about promoting creative expression this holiday season!

The possibilities are endless and have fun styling/accessorizing your dress form.  

{photos compliments of Flickr + Such Pretty Things}

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