Monday, December 6, 2010

Haute Holidays - Fashionable Holiday Gift Idea{s} # 4 ● Tots With Style

We are excited to share with you a few of our trendy and unique holiday gift ideas for your hip baby girl or boy.  Yes, they may be small, but our kids bring so much joy into our lives, so give them a present this holiday season that will bring them a little happiness, fashion inspiration and creativity!

 This wool fedora featured on Baby Rock Apparel is so dapper and we love the chocolate and red ribbon trim.  Fit for a little dude with style and unique charm.

Trumpette's Bling Piggy Bank is a stylish way to save extra cash - your little princess will be able to purchase that tiara she deserves in no time.

Ms. Food Face Plates promote endless ways to play "dress up" during mealtime by encouraging creative ways to use everyday foods as eyes, lips, hair, earrings or any imaginative add-on your little diva can think of and design.  String beans and sea salt studded chandelier earrings, anyone?

T-me coloring kits for creative kids include everything that your baby boy needs to design his own wearable artwork.  The kit contains a pack of mini markers, cool coloring pages and blank paper.  Once they create their masterpiece, simply select their favorite t-shirt style (available in both short and long sleeve) from the enclosed catalog, mail the drawing back in the pre-paid envelope and your budding artist will receive his unique t-shirt within a week.

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