Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Colorful Pep In Your Step!

Every Savvy Bryde's goal is to exude classic elegance on her big day and we always encourage our clients to add some spice to their wedding attire by incorporating fun colors. Those fun colors can be in the form of chic accessories, vibrant bouquets, funky blue nail polish or our favorite, FAB SHOES!!!  We believe that all brides should be bold, yet unique and their wedding photos should reflect their creativity!

Vintage shoes a.k.a. "timeless feet candy" are Lerkia's favorite and she believes that you can get more bang for your buck by wearing them again after the wedding.  Make a true fashion statement by stepping out of your comfort zone and wearing colorful wedding shoes on your special day.  If you haven't discovered by now, we are addicted to nice shoes and this inspiration board is dedicated to all my Shoe-a-holics!

Continue to wear fab shoes, take fun photos wearing them, and feel free to share a few with us! 

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