Friday, September 25, 2009

Which Recessionista Bryde Are You?

The Conscious Bryde
  • Will have her invitations printed on recycled paper.
  • Provides guests information about the pre and post wedding festivities via the couple’s wedding website.
  • Minimize the amount of driving her guests will need to do, and have the wedding at an accessible venue.
  • Donate leftover food rather than discard.
  • Will not register for items not needed.
  • Very concerned about her budget and her true priorities after her special day.
The Budget Bryde
  • A master negotiator and very resourceful.
  • Spends a considerable amount of time online researching and securing wedding-related deals.
  • Creates her own bouquets with roses purchased at Costco and secured her ribbon and pins from a local dollar store.
  • Secured her fab wedding peep-toe pumps from Cutesy Shoes
  • Bartered with many of her professional friends for makeup, hair services and other wedding-related services.
  • Will utilize the 40% coupons provided by Michaels Craft.
  • Will opt to use candles, gems and other embellishments for centerpieces, in lieu of fresh flowers and other costly factors.
The DIY Bryde
  • Extremely creative.
  • Thoroughly enjoys planning her special day.
  • Has multiple glue guns, tons of glitter and bridal DIY magazines/literature.
  • Solicits assistance from her bridal party and/or close friends for bonding projects.
  • Very organized and knows what she wants in an effort to conserve funds.
  • Has a very limited budget, but makes it work!

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