Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Recessionista Brydes Money Saving Tip # 2 - Practical Wedding Centerpieces

Your wedding centerpieces are the focal point of your guest tables and they set the tone for your reception.  We absolutely love unique centerpieces that incorporates an element of sophistication and simple elegance!  Since there will be other items on the tables for your guests, it is wise to decide on centerpieces that stand out and will not obstruct their view. Many of the avant-garde centerpieces depicted in the bridal magazines range from $150 to $500 each depending on the exotic florals, the expensive Bling, fancy vases and the unique floral designs.  No fret, we are here to inform you that you can still have chic centerpieces for a fraction of the cost by channeling your inner Martha Stewart.
Please note that flowers do not have to be in abundance to be beautiful and there are several flowers you can use one stem per table or five stems at the most for long banquets.  For example, Birds of Paradise, Calla Lilies, Tulips and Anthuriums are especially great for the elegant, minimalist appeal.  You can use clear jars or tall glasses to hold these blooms and surround them with a few accents, such as complimenting water beads, textured pebbles and loose flower petals.
Try one of these practical ideas to create chic centerpieces that compliment your wedding theme and budget:
Select textured and/or colorful linens that will provide a"wow" factor.  By doing so, simple floral or non-floral centerpieces would be highly appropriate.
Purchase your florals in bulk from an online distributor such as Fifty Flowers or Bloom By The Box.

Create edible centerpieces by placing melon balls, apples, grapes, cherry tomatoes and strawberries on skewers of different heights.  Arrange them in a vase for guests to enjoy throughout the evening or contact your local Edible Arrangements for additional fab ideas!
Fill various vases with water and float gorgeous orchids.  Complimenting candles or submersible LED lights will provide a light shimmer across the water.
Center your table with non-scented pillar candle, surrounded by votives and flower petals. This idea is truly timeless and adds a definite romantic feeling.
Use your bouquets and ceremony flowers as centerpieces for several tables.
Consider potted plants and inform your guests that they are free to take them at the conclusion of the reception.
Be unconventional by using unique picture frames with your favorite photos reflecting memorable moments.
Vintage wine bottles or champagne bottles can also be used as vases.  If you or someone in the family or a friend has a collection of wine bottles, these can make unique accents to some of the tables.
Ultimately, the goal is to have fun, be original, and use your imagination to create the perfect eye candy for your special occasion.

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