Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Big, The Bold, The Colorful {Stunning Clusters, Knots & Strands}

{Tribal Tangle Necklace}

Today, I've been searching for the perfect necklace to wear to Wish Upon A Wedding DC's launch party being held on Sunday, June 27, 2010 at Lounge 201 in Washington, DC.  As the Event Chair of this amazing organization, the Committee has decided to incorporate one popping color {which you'll have to attend to see which color we've selected} into our attire. I immediately began the ultimate search to find the ideal neck candy to compliment my little black cocktail dress. Yes, everyone close to me knows that I am not personally a huge fan of color; however, I am taking the necessary steps to becoming more adventurous in my accessory selections.  Normally, I would opt for vintage pieces that consist of diamonds and pearls, but I do understand that it's all about Big, Bold and Colorful this summer.  
{Strawberry Cheesecake Necklace} 
{Beaded Swag Bib Necklace}
{Golden Tang Necklace}
{Solstice Necklace}
 {Lapilli Necklace}
{Strawberry Lemonade Necklace}
{Seraphim Necklace}

These magnificent pieces compliments of Anthropologie are truly unique, bursting with character and range from $38 to $250. I think that I may be able to make room in my jewelry box for a few of these chic pieces.  As my good girlfriends say to me all the time, "It's all about lending a brilliant flash of splashing colors to your everyday look Lerkia, get with it."

I'm a timeless girl at heart but my new color motto is, "from funeral drab to sun-hued chic."  Help me Savvy friends, which is your favorite? 


  1. The first necklace is gorgeous. You can never go wrong with purple (in my humble opinion). And the touch of yellow is just perfect.

  2. Thanks, Adrienne, I love the first necklace too and yellow is my happy color. You are the best for responding - enjoy your weekend.