Monday, June 7, 2010

:: Strapped vs. Strapless {Outlawing the Strapless Wedding Gowns}

Dear Savvy Bryde Guru:

I am sooo over the strapless wedding gown. I mean, granted, there are some gorgeous strapless dresses out there, and some people who have looked absolutely stunning in them. But why does everyone feel the need to wear one? First of all, they don't look good on everyone, namely the big busted. Second of all, is no one original these days? Is it just easier to find a dress if you narrow the selection to strapless? There are so many other beautiful styles for the range of beautiful brides and their beautiful personalities, and that will actually compliment their figures. Where is the variety? Am I the only one who feels this way?

Changing the world one sequin at a time

Dear Ms. Sequin:

We truly appreciate your honesty and understand your originality concerns regarding the strapless gown phenomenon. We will acknowledge that the majority of our Savvy Brydes select strapless gowns for many reasons and they all look amazing on their special day. We will also agree that not every strapless gown is the right choice for every woman. For example, Brides with fuller busts look wonderful in strapless gowns when paired with the appropriate wedding undergarments and dresses that have a slight upward curve across the necklines. When working with our clients, we pre-select dresses from various designers that our clients wouldn't normally consider {keeping in mind their figure} and they are always surprised to see how other styles look and feel.  Also, keep in mind that Brides are extremely impressionable when it comes to their bridal fashion and the goal is to ensure that they are 100% comfortable and confident in their wedding attire. Yes, there is variety in the bridal fashion world and we have chosen a few of our favorite non-strapless gowns for your consideration.

Although none of them are adorned in sequins, we wanted to show you that cap sleeves, vintage lace boleros, asymmetrical shoulder, cowl neck, empire waist, and high neck detailing is very much relative and totally fabulous for a bride who has decided that strapless gowns are not for her.

Let us know what you think Ms. Sequin!
*Thank you Wedding Inspirasi for the Inspiration*

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